Reflexions on the UPCYCLING feeling: always look around, listen to what comes from inside, and, with your hands, let it out! 


My time spent living in Genoa was content: I didn’t do any painting as I was so overwhelmed by the city’s narrow streets, its people and the wind. I will never forget and this memory must be honored.

This is how “the anchovies” were born: fish so luminescent that they compete with the full moon so strongly to unleash – as the story at the port goes – her jealousy. This is the reason why anchovies are fish: because they are stars in the sea.

And on dark nights they emerge on the crest of a wave, bringing the fisherman fortune. In fact, in Zena ( the genoese pronunciation of Genoa), fishermen are called – by poets and drinkers – fishers of the stars.


From darkness – always a source of great fear -, to light: I decided to dedicate my time to this world of light, transfering my interest in painting to elements that were new to me, that could shine with images of a new light: Lightscreens.

Images made to light up: to say goodbye to the day, to welcome the coming night.

Lightscreens are watercolors on cotton paper, framed with recycled wood from old canvas structures, fixed on a solid, new electrical base.

With a little bit of electricty, they can extend your dreams through the night: lulling you to sleep, or keeping you company – sweetly, silently;  a friendly presence on a winter afternoon.

UPCYCLING: a different, and extremely challenging, connection to objects. 

Free from external rules, if the bulimic use of the word “ICONIC” would wane (if only? I wish!), we could finally dive into new stories. Stories which imagination makes “ freely free”: a sort of wanton expression of the trace on the object – whatever it is – whatever the story tells – an expansion on the present sign.